Mister Mask is a webcomic reboot of a small-small-smallsmallsmall press comic book from the 1990’s, called The Face.  Known perhaps only to the most world-weary connoisseurs of comics, who ventured into a comic shop/phantom-pocket dimension located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side  called WonderWorld. The Face told the story of Nazareth Fitzgerald and his government handler, Mandi Purer.

If the earliest collection of The Face (Love and tAXEs) is to someday be brought forth for mass consumption, it would most certainly need to be re-drawn.  Not only because the work is – not that great – but also because the original pages have suffered much.  These pages were created after all before the digital age. Also they were drawn at an atypical and unruly page size (11×16 or so) for a young solo creator t0 scan.

That isn’t to say that the adventures of Naz Fitzgerald are all lost.  The Face: Legend of The Mukha Deva collects an early web-run of The Face from the early 2000’s. It’s available on Amazon and soon here on this site.

Mister Mask re-sets the clock and starts the story in a proper way – at the beginning. One of them anyway; after all, Mister Mask is older than mankind itself.

H.Harry Razon is the creator of Mister Mask™, and author of The Face: The Legend of the Mukha Deva. He’s also known as cseptr on the inter-webs.

H. is a writer & cartoonist, an urban shaman, and a Finder of Lost Things.
When he’s not dreaming, and weaving dreams he designs websites for artists, musicians and budding entrepreneurs.

H. lives in New York City, with his beautiful wife and a couple of young giants.
contact: cseptr@arcanegraffiti.com